Julie Fleischer, Msc.

Julie has a BSc degree in Industrial Design (2013) and a MSc in Biomechanical Engineering (2015), both obtained at Delft University of Technology. In 2017 she co-founded Opt Medical, a company that focuses on family planning for low-resource regions and in 2018 she joined the Surgery for All team at the the Department of BioMechanical Engineering of Delft University of Technology. She performed field research in Kenya, explored the possibilities of 3D printing for healthcare in low-resource regions and designed d a videolaryngoscope that will be further developed by SMARTMedics. 

Roos Oosting, PhD.

Roos obtained a BSc degree in Life, Science and Technology (major: biomedical engineering) from the University of Groningen (2013) and a MSc in Biomedical Engineering (2016) from Delft University of Technology. In February 2016, she started as a PhD researcher in the Department of BioMechanical Engineering of Delft University of Technology and as a research fellow of the Delft Global initiative. During her research she worked and lived in Nairobi for a total of 5 months, published in international journals, presented her work at various conferences and meetings, organized group field trips to Kenya and organised a symposium on Global Surgery.

We have a large network consisting of researchers, healthcare professionals and engineers working for Delft University of Technology, the Delft Global Initiative, the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA), John Hopkins University, Female Cancer Foundation, various hospitals in Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Malawi, Surinam and Nepal.