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Tools for global health


We want to increase the access to safe surgery for patients worldwide through improvements related to medical equipment for low-resource regions

three ways to work with us

Our office is based in the Netherlands, and we work internationally, allowing us to combine insights of healthcare professionals, engineers and companies with various (cultural) backgrounds. We collaborate with a broad network of passionate people who strive to improve access to surgery.




CASE provides consultancy services to organisations that need our expertise to move their projects forward.



For larger projects CASE can be part of a strategic partnership or research consortium



We give educational lectures, scientific presentations and inspirational talks. Topics can be: how to design for low-resource regions, experience in field research, understanding the context.

areas of expertise



CASE can help you make informed decisions. Through context and stakeholder analysis we identify problem definitions and design requirements. This can be done for the design stage, but also for customer validation and product-market fit.

Qualitative research includes field research, interviews, focus groups, and literature study.

Quantitative research includes surveys, data analysis and experimentation.

When desired, we can publish results in international scientific journals.



Innovation can take many forms, from re-imagining an existing product to creating a new service. CASE can help you identify the best method of innovation, generate ideas and validate your solutions.

We use an iterative design approach which is based on context analysis and continuous stakeholder feedback. This leads to context-specific designs of physical and digital products.

Validation includes both technical experiments and user studies.




CASE can provide coaching if you want to prepare field research or create the research proposal for you. We can also supervise students of Dutch universities who go abroad for their internship or graduation projects.